augmented reality app Menu AR for 3d food visualization

Menu AR

Realistic presentation of dishes with actual scale and texture!
Using augmented reality or otherwise enhanced reality technologies, the Menu AR app displays the dishes on the menu using 3D visualization.
Menu AR App
3d menu
A restaurant's printed catalog describes its dishes and ingredients. However, each customer may have a different perception of what the dishes look like.
Menu AR allows the presentation of the menu in a mixed reality environment so that customers are informed about the exact appearance of their options.
View food... differently
3d models
3d Visualization
Customers get a realistic and complete picture of their dishes and ingredients so they can choose what they want to order.
Dishes are displayed in 3d format with 360-degree viewing via smartphone directly from the customer's table
The directory is translated into 13 languages and is defined by the language used by the device using the application
Menu AR make direct connection of the digital directory with all the company's social media accounts
Multi device

The application is available for smart Android and iOS devices. Your customers have the option to use their Smartphone or Tablet. The business can display its menu on Tablets or Touch Screens.

By registering your business in the application you receive a unique QR code that can be shared on your website, social media, brochures and flyers or in the printed menu itself.

Easy access for your customers.
Your customers download the Menu AR app to their mobile
Using the unique QR code of your business
They see the dishes in a 3D interactive presentation
Menu AR
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