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Multi-point service calling system
Wireless Call
We present you with a modern way that your customers can call when they require service with the simple push of a wireless button.

Wireless Call allows wireless communication between multiple points both indoors and outdoors.

The main advantage of the system is its wireless installation, which makes it quick to install, without wiring and the need for costly repairs.

Wireless Call is used:

  • as a means of communication with customers for faster service.
  • as a means of intercommunication between staff members.
  • as a security system for emergency calls.
Hospitals and Clinics

Το Wireless Call αναβαθμίζει το επίπεδο ασφάλειας και εξυπηρέτησης σε Νοσοκομεία & Κλινικές καθώς διασφαλίζει τη βέλτιστη επικοινωνία μεταξύ των ασθενών και του νοσηλευτικού προσωπικού. Χρησιμοποιείται και ως μέσο επικοινωνίας μεταξύ των μελών του προσωπικού. Αποτελεί πολύτιμο εργαλείο για την παροχή άμεσης φροντίδας, καθώς το σύστημα καλύπτει πλήρως τις ανάγκες για κλήση άμεσης ανάγκης από δωμάτια/WC.


contributes significantly to faster customer service in Cafes, Restaurants and Beach Bars. It facilitates the communication between customers and waiters, ensuring optimal staff efficiency. In addition, it is used as a means of intercommunication between kitchen staff and waiters, facilitating the internal operation of the business.

Luxury Yachts

Wireless Call is used as a means of calling crew members by passengers when they wish to be served. In addition, it provides discreet communication between on board members as a means of intercom. Wireless operation also covers the need for communication in areas where additional surveillance is required, even with coverage in dead zones.

Why choose Wireless Call?
Reduction of Operating Cost

With Wireless Call it is possible to cover larger areas with less staff.

Low Installation Cost

H installing wireless equipment is flexible, without wires and repairs.

Uninterrupted Communication

The operation of the business company is improving as the staff is notified immediately.

Apply Wireless Call in other areas
Hotel, Resorts
& Airbnb

Communication of staff and visitors, management and staff and as an emergency call.

Sports Clubs
& Fitness Centers

Communication of staff and customers with coverage up to 500m in open spaces without a transponder.

Conference Centers
& Office buildings

Use as a means of inter-staff communication to facilitate internal operation.

& Parking Stations
Covers needs for security and alarm calls where additional surveillance is required.
& Logistics

Intercom staffing and meeting the need for security and alarm calls.


Use as a means of intercommunication of personnel and security of building installations.

Why choose us?

We have install many of the largest and most specialized facilities in Greece, as we are one of the first companies to introduce Wireless Call Systems to Greek companies. We have the necessary know-how and experience in projects of all sizes and complexities.

years of specialization
active buttons
after sales support
Imagine a system that is simple to use, without complicated installations, without wiring and repairs? it exists, and is called, Wireless Call.
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