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Electronic Commerce Service
Pay Spot
Payment and E-Commerce Services for consumers from retail stores
in collaboration with the National Bank of Greece
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i-bank Pay Spot

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    How simple it is
    What is i-bank Pay Spot?

    The service is available for retail stores and service providers such as accounting firms, etc. I-bank Pay Spot allows consumers to make online payment transactions from network businesses without having to visit a physical banking store.

    Available transactions exceeds over 300 and include account payments, public payments, settlement installments, Government payments, VAT, purchase of prepaid & Internet time, purchase of Pay safe cards, renewal of E-Pass, etc.

    300+ available transactions

    By joining i-bank Pay Spot in your store or business, your traffic & revenue increases directly, with a number of online services for your customers.

    The most complete and professional solution for the supply
    payment services and electronic transactions

    E-Bill Payments
    • Electricity & Energy
    • Water supply (145 Municipalities)
    • Natural gas
    • Telephone & Internet
    • Mobile Telephony
    • Subscription Television
    • Insurance Companies
    Additional Transactions
    • Insurance Funds
    • Income Tax, VAT, etc.
    • Land registry, e-fee
    • Traffic Fees
    • E-Pass tolls, Nea Odos, Aegean Motorway
    • Stable, Movable Time Renewal & internet
    • Prepaid Monetary Voucher (Pay safe, etc)
    • Shopping Payments via e-shop (PayByBank)

    Businesses that can join the i-bank Pay Spot network

    Retail's Stores
    • Super Market, Mini Market, Grocery
    • Convenience stores, Kiosk's
    • Bookstores, Photocopy Centers
    • Electrical Store's
    • Fuel stations
    • Businesses of similar activity
    Service Providers
    • Accounting offices
    • Insurance Offices
    • Energy Consultants
    • Former agents of ELTA, OPAP, PPC, etc.
    Increase traffic & new revenue

    Visit to the store increases as the services provided to consumers expand. New sources of revenue are created as the company gains with every transaction made through i-bank Pay Spot.

    Differentiation from competition

    Signaling the store as an i-bank Pay Spot differentiates it from local competition, and allows consumers to make their payments and transactions a few steps from their home.

    The investment of the service

    The equipment has an affordable cost and allows the immediate conversion of your investment into a source of income, since service is an income of the company, giving part of it to the management body.

    Why choose i-bank Pay Spot for your business?
    Ease & Speed
    Simple and fast transaction execution process and issuance of a transaction receipt in an easy-to-use environment for the user of the application.
    Improper Movement Prevention
    The application has multiple levels to prevent incorrect entries and an additional automatic counter-error function.
    Card Payments
    The available transactions are carried out with cash and Visa, Mastercard, Maestro cards with zero bank supply.
    Network with Prospects
    The available transactions through the service currently reach 300+ and are constantly increasing according to the needs of consumers.
    • Special Printer for receipts of payment transactions.
    • Barcode Scanner to scan the barcode code of E-Bill.
    • Computer (Laptop / Desktop) or Tablet PC of your choice.

    Of course! In the case of using Tablet PC, just make sure it has the following minimum requirements:

    • Tablet PC with Windows 10 OS

    The subscription is annual and applies to the service Link4All which includes:

    • License for use and upgrades for payment software.
    • Reports & Statistics of the i-bank Pay Spot service.
    • Telephone support.

    The i-bank Pay Spot service is linked to the National Bank's bank terminal and consumer transactions made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro payment cards have zero bank supply.

    Customer Ratings
    Ease of Use
    Increased Customer Visits
    Consumer Response
    Pay Spot Web

    The electronic transaction execution system via Internet Browser with PC which includes:


    Thermal Printer 80mm

    Receipt printer for i-bank Pay Spot payment transactions.
    Connects to PC via USB or Ethernet.



    Link4All Cloud Service

    Annual subscription to software licenses, upgrades and telephone support.
    Reports & transaction statistics.



    Barcode Scanner

    The Barcode Scanner connects and is powered by the Computer.
    1D (manual) linear code reader.


    Prices do not include VAT 24%.

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