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Orders Management
Each new order is made in a few seconds. Even the special requirements of the customers are easily registered by the users.
Spatial Design & Arrangement
You can design by entering the locations of your space and create multiple display spaces, just like your store.
Product configuration
Easily add products with descriptions and images, which you will then organize into categories for easier access with a simple search.
Definition of Rights
Wireless Ordering offers multiple levels of control for the business, defining specific rights to the users of the application.
Full Access
Combined with Taste Bank Management, Delivery & Taste Fast where operators can automatically have full access at any time.
Ease & Speed
The environment is very easy to use and easy to read, and it helps staff handle the application easily and quickly, without making mistakes.
New feature

proXess Stats

Statistical tool for catering areas with access from Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Computer.

The entrepreneur can now be informed immediately and quickly about the course of the day of his business but also about previous days.

Discounts €
V.A.T €
Takings €
Active tables 35
Discount value 10 €
Total V.A.T 18€
Total takings 95 €
The application is available for
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Ordering with flexible use
On Premise

The classic On Premise operating model includes the purchase of software with installation in your own infrastructure.


Leasing is a subscription model where the software is hosted on your own infrastructure in the form of a lease.


Software as a Service where the software and its data are hosted on a Cloud and are accessible with a Web Browser via the Internet.


Some of your frequently asked questions…

The internet connection is not necessary to receive and send orders with Yefsis Ordering Software. All project work is done on a local area network. You need an internet connection when you need to sync with your other branches, or to solve a support issue that can't be done over the phone.

Only basic computer skills are required to handle Yefsis Ordering Software. When users have the above, the basic training required is very simple and concise and is mainly about familiarizing users with the application environment.

You will need a PC and a screen to run the program. If your business needs it, you may need an order printer, smartphones and a wifi router.

Yefsis Ordering Software, as a complete computerized system for catering businesses, in addition to the ability that allows us to manage orders, has a built-in Free Basic Commercial Management for warehouse monitoring, customer & supplier moves and Back office reports.

With the new function proXess Stats with access from smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop you can now be informed immediately, quickly and in real time about the course of the day of your business and for previous days.

Of course, since Yefsis Ordering Software is also available as a Leasing Software service. This is a subscription model for using the software in the form of a lease. The maximum duration of Leasing is 6 months per year. For longer use, select SaaS.

You pay for SaaS as long as you use the software in the Cloud.

ease of use

The percentages are based on research conducted at existing P.T.Systems customers.

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Whatever your needs, we can cover you through the 4 subsystems.

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