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Yefsis fast Retail Management

Get to know Yefsis fast, software specially designed for intensive retail businesses where speed is a key issue for their smooth operation. Get a clear picture and valuable tools with which you can control the fast sales of your business.

A valuable tool for seamless fast sales management.

Yefsis fast software serves direct sales as Package or Take Away in mass catering stores. It offers the necessary speed and ease of use of the retail process, both in receiving orders and in preparing them by easily adding additional items needed for manufacturing.

  • Possibility of very fast execution of orders.
  • Easy addition of items needed for manufacturing, extras, comments, order notes, etc.
  • Ability to design a separate menu & print forms.
  • Also connects to customer Loyalty subsystem of Yefsis.
service posts
The service posts communicate directly with the preparation points, facilitating faster customer service.
real time information
Orders are displayed in different colors, depending on the stage they are in (eg waiting order, complete).
open orders
Possibility to keep an open order for transport and execution from another point and waiting for its execution at another time.
customer display
Ability to connect a client screen to view additional information and communicate advertising - promotional messages.
payment procedures
Multiple payment methods - with cash, card, coupons, redemption of points, gift card. Issuance of receipt and invoice.
additional connections
Connection with weighing machines and barcode scanner for product registration in orders, Loyalty customer program.
ease of use
Special Features

Saved comments and special comments that are often used to easily and quickly add them to the order.

Possibility to register an order with a time delay and load it for execution at a later time.

Search for items for sale even if they are not registered on the main console.

Products with available quantities for sale and commitment, also concerns the personal consumption of staff.

Consumer list - staff self-consumption.

Δήλωση των ρέστων και αυτόματη καταγραφή.

History of reports per shift, per user and per payment method.

Connect with the Loyalty customer reward program with Bonus card for special member benefits and redemption of points.

Why choose Yefsis marka?
Award-winning Software
It has been distinguished and awarded the European IST Grand Prize for quality and range of solutions.
Speed and Stability
The application quickly executes user commands, saving time and increasing the productivity of the business.
Easy to Use User Environment
Absolutely adapted to the needs of fast service, without unnecessary moves, for fast completion of orders.
Reliability in Maximum
The operation of Yefsis marka always runs smoothly, steadily and without adhesions, even in full capacity of the stores.
See also

In addition to the Yefsis fast Retail Management System that meets the main needs of catering businesses, see Yefsis Mobile for ordering from portable terminals of waiters, Yefsis fast for direct sale as a package or take away and the delivery application for order management for distribution.

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