IT services and IT process support with external assignment and guaranteed level contract

We provide specialized services for companies with SLA agreement

Measurable results

We have significant experience in implementing high-profile complex projects with specific specifications and schedules. Works of P.T.Systems reflect the high level of know-how and our specialization in the implementation of demanding projects.

FW upgrades
CPE rollout
FW upgrades
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The projects we undertake cover a wide range of services around 4 main axes.

ATM Services

Connection, maintenance, upgrade and configuration services of ATM machines.

EFTPOS Services

POS banking terminal installation, configuration and upgrade services.

CPE Services

Customer Premises Equipment upgrade TelCo equipment services.

EISEK Services

Installation & connection services of integrated Output Input management systems.

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Additional Services
Digital Document Signature
Installation, configuration, training and upgrading of e-signature customer systems for Banking Institutions.
tax. mechanisms upgrades
FW updates for Software Houses, connection to GIS for sending files according to the latest legislation.
Work philosophy

We have successfully completed large projects with high standards and strict schedules. At every step of the cooperation and implementation of our projects we observe an organized and structured process. The goals and completion times are tailored to the needs of each project.

POS upgrades
EISEK installations
CPE upgrades

Fintech: EFT POS upgrade services and ATM maintenance / upgrade

Petroleum: services for the installation and connection of inflows and outflows systems.

Telco: Firmware upgrade services for CPE equipment for telecommunications companies

IT Support

With a methodical approach and strategy, we provide creative solutions and personalized services to every project we undertake.


PTS logo 1 networking

We set up the networking of information systems to exchange orders and information.


PTS logo 2 networking

We make it possible to transfer information, wireless or wired, between devices connected to the network.


PTS logo 3 networking

We provide the study, design, development, maintenance and management of information systems and software applications.


PTS logo 4 networking

We create digital software and protocols necessary to manage commands and information.

Completed Projects
ATM Field Services
Maintenance BNAs, installation of Firmware upgrades, connection and configuration of network devices in ATM facilities.
Upgrades EFT POS
Rollout Firmware updates 60,000 EFT POS Verifone & Cardlink card terminals with predetermined project completion time.
Digital Customer Signatures
Installation, configuration, training and upgrading of e-signature customer systems for Banking Institutions.
tax. mechanisms upgrades
Firmware upgrades in tax mechanisms for Software Houses, connection for sending files according to
with the latest legislative provisions.
Rollout CPE Upgrades
Rollout Firmware updates 48,000 units of CPE ADSL2 & VDSL2 for telecommunications companies and CPE equipment manufacturing companies.
Inflows & outflows Systems
GSI & controller main console, tank tank measurements, structured wiring, pump controller connection, inflow-outflow system configuration.
Tax Fuel Warehouses
Installation of outflow input systems in central tax warehouses, installation of EMR3 Veeder Root for distribution with fuel tanks.
Automatic Fuel Sellers
Connecting to a central input system console, configuring and training vending machine vendors at gas stations.
Thank you for your trust

Hard and methodical work rewards us and our trusted partners, including telecommunications companies, fuel companies and banking institutions.

ATM Services
EFT POS Services
CPE Services
EISEK Services
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