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Yefsis marka ordering system for table management

P.T.Systems' many years of experience in the field of computerization combined with the significant know-how of our partners, present you with a modern tool for entrepreneurs who wish to upgrade their business.

A valuable tool for the continuous operation of mass catering spaces.

Yefsis marka is addressed to all F&B businesses that have table areas and execute customer orders through a fixed point. It is fully configured to suit the specialized work cycle of each business, in combination with an easy-to-use, easy-to-read and user-friendly environment.

  • It is at the heart of the Yefsis Ordering application.
  • Collaborates with Fast, Delivery & Mobile subsystems.
  • It also communicates with the portable terminals of the waiters.
  • It has a built-in Commercial Management Application for monitoring warehouse, suppliers & Back office reports.
ease of use
Easy to use and user-friendly interface, without unnecessary user movements, ensuring immediacy and speed without errors.
spartial design
Design the space of the store and the user environment in which you will work (User Interface) according to your needs.
information in real time
Full picture of your store, after depicting the statements of tables, orders & payments in real time.
rights & control
Gain control and work safely, take full control thanks to the ability to specify the access rights of operators.
merger & transfer
With the possibility of partial or total transfer of a table, per item and per order and the possibility of combining them with another table.
Commercial management
Built-in free Basic commercial management with reports, warehouse tracking, sales, purchases and supplier moves.
ease of use
Special Features

Manage your reservations more easily and in more detail than ever before.

Send messages from the central management system to all users at all terminals.

Overall picture of the table, without "entering the order" with just one click.

Products with available quantities for sale and commitment, also concerns the personal consumption of staff.

If you need it, separate configuration of fixed and portable terminals depending on the user and his work (eg morning-evening post, for separate shipments of orders in places.)

The app allows you to record the actual total number of your customers and not just the ones they ordered.

Mass printing of all open orders with a single click.

Connect with the Loyalty customer reward program with Bonus card for special member benefits and redemption of points.

Why choose Yefsis marka?
Award-winning Software
It has been distinguished and awarded the European IST Grand Prize for quality and range of solutions.
High Level Support
Support from specialized personnel with high know-how resulting in immediate, personalized and substantial service.
Development of New Technologies
It is an essential part of any serious business software provider that keeps up with the latest developments.
Reliability in Maximum
The operation of Yefsis marka always runs smoothly, steadily and without adhesions, even in full capacity of the stores.
See also

In addition to the Yefsis marka Ordering System that covers the main requirements of F&B businesses, see also Yefsis Mobile for ordering from waiter portable terminals, Yefsis fast for direct take away orders and the delivery application for order management for distribution.

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