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A small Bank Store. Inside your Store

The Hellenic Banking Association informed the traders that from March 24, 2020, due to corona, the payment of third party accounts (public, energy, telephony, pay-TV, insurance, etc.) will not take place in the bank branches with physical presence.

The above development creates a very important opportunity for all i-bank Pay Spots, providing them with the opportunity to take full advantage of the ability to pay bills and debts to the public with a direct benefit to the company.

1. Increase in revenue from payment transactions

Many small retail stores already make more than 1,000 transactions / month, earning significantly more direct and indirect revenue.

The top 15 small i-bank Pay Spots retail stores make an average of 1,915 transactions per month.

2. Visibility in the physical store

It has been found that the consumers who come to the store to pay an account or a debt to the public, in the vast majority of them also take the opportunity to make purchases.

3. Payment of card accounts

The unique possibility of the service for payment of accounts and public debts with payment card frees the partner from the need to have money in his account while at the same time making the transaction safer in the current situation we are experiencing.

4. The retail store - bank counter

Join the network i-bank Pay Spots and invest in the opportunity for your store to gain the image of a "bank counter" with the prestige of the National Bank and the support of P.T.Systems in the minds of your customers.

The most complete and professional solution for the provision of payment services and electronic transactions with 300+ available transactions.
  • Electricity & Energy
  • Water supply (145 Municipalities)
  • Natural gas
  • Telephone & Internet
  • Mobile Telephony
  • Subscription Television
  • Insurance Companies
  • Income Tax
  • Government VAT Payments
  • Land registry, e-fee
  • Traffic Fees, Tolls
  • Stable, Mobile and Internet Time
  • Prepaid Monetary Voucher
  • Shopping Payments via e-shop
I-bank Pay Spot service

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