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Stay Safe Online: 6 Tips for Safe & Functional Use of the Internet

For the past few weeks, our contact with technology and the internet has grown significantly. For most of us, we have never had to go through so many daily activities online. Thanks to technology, we can communicate, work, shop and trade… and much more, from our computer or cell phone.

Although the ability to do so much online is incredible, we need to be as careful as ever. And here is a very crucial question - are we properly informed and trained to protect ourselves from potential dangers?

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Modem security settings

We will discuss this in more detail in the next article. For starters, make sure the modem you are using is correct WPA2 security protocol and that you have changed it default password of the manufacturer (see 5. use strong passwords).

2. Update operating system & drivers

The latest updates play a key role in this security gaps, as these errors can be vulnerabilities for the penetration of malware (viruses, etc.).

3. Use a reliable antivirus

Make sure you have Antivirus protection, όχι free version, free and good rarely go together!

4. Create backups

Backup, backup, backup !!!…. and also… backup! Here prevention saves! Only the 20% of users creates regular backups: - ((((

5. Use strong passwords

The time it takes for someone to "break" a password pass1234 is 6 seconds. A strong password consists of at least 8 characters - ideally 12 characters, and in each case must contain capitals and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

6. Prefer to enable 2FA

Το Two-Factor Authentication or 2-Step Verification (where available) is a second level of security with which you confirm that you are in fact trying to login, as you need a special confirmation device (eg your mobile). We will discuss this in detail in the next article.

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