Bell PTS-HS100BU

Wireless handheld button with ergonomic grip and spiral cable for flexible mounting options, specialized for hospital use.

Color: Blue.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Specialized for hospital use
  • Wireless communication
PTS_WC_Bell Hosp (1) blue

The PTS-HS100 wireless button is suitable for use in hospitals and care units due to its ergonomic design. It has both Call and Cancel buttons. By pressing the Call button, the call is sent to the main unit located at the nurses' station and also to the smart pager watches worn by the staff. The staff is notified of the calls via visual and sound notifications from the main unit and the pagers, showing the number of the bed / room that has requested service. The PTS-HS100 also has a cancel button to be used either by the patient or the nurse after the call has been attended to.

The wireless call system allows direct communication, significantly reducing staff response times. It offers effective coverage even over long distances thanks to its range, contributing effectively to the immediate attention and safety of the patients.

  • Wireless button with dual call and cancel function
  • Wall base and spiral cable for flexible mounting
  • Built-in magnet on the back of the button
  • Number of buttons: 2 buttons (call - cancel)
  • Dimensions: L94mm - W33mm - D10mm
  • Weight: 148gr
  • Color: Blue
  • Frequency: FM 433MHz
  • Antenna: internal
  • Battery: DC 3V coin battery (CR2032)
  • Autonomy: up to 40,000 calls
  • Compatible with: Pagers, Monitor, Repeaters